Karine Larocque

Holistic Nutritionist


How to lose 10 pounds in 30 days without feeling deprived or having to spend hours at the gym.

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Are you living a high-paced lifestyle and trying to balance it all? Are you looking to beat the bloat, get to your ideal weight and have abounding energy? Do you want to eat the foods you enjoy and still feel good in your body?

You might feel frustrated with all your failed attempts at weight loss. You’re tired of feeling sluggish and low-vibe. And stress, well, it’s driving you to eat cookies and be irritable with the important people in your life.

I hear you! I used to burn the candle at both ends and I completely ran my body down. Every day, I felt sluggish, tired, self-conscious and frustrated from seeing the scale NOT budge, no matter what I tried. I was so done with worrying about my weight and food all the time!

I knew that living and feeling this way was not what I wanted. 

I wanted more out of life!


If you can relate to that, imagine instead being at your ideal weight, feeling confident, vibrant, energized, healthy, feeling joy and ease in your day to day. I know this can be your reality!

I’m Karine Larocque, YOUR go-to  holistic nutritionist. 

I’m passionate about giving you the support and guidance you need because I was able to conquer these exact same challenges myself. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to:

·       Lose weight (and keep it off for good!)

·       Ditch feeling sluggish and tired

·       Be brimming with energy

·       Feel confident and vibrant in your body

I have game-changing, long-lasting solutions for you.


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